Raw Health Organic Kalamata P.D.O. Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500m

Our olives are hand harvested just before ripening as they turn from golden green to light purple.  Specialised pruning of the olive trees, correct pressing, the best storage and careful filling are crucial for creating the unique flavour and aroma of the oil.

Our production site in Greece uses Koronekïki olive trees which yield only 1-3 litres per tree, while elsewhere an olive tree may be grown to yield 10 litres. 

Awarded the highly prestigous Three Star Gold Award at the Great Taste Awards 2011, Gold Star Award in the GTA 2010, 1st prize at Biofach 2010 in Germany and Platinum Taste Award at the festival of Olives in Piraeus Greece in March 2010. 


Extra Virgin Kalamata Olive Oil*

*= certified organic ingredients 

Nutritional Information


Typical Values Per 100g
Energy  3408kJ/828kcal
Fat 92g
of which saturates 13g 
Carbohydrate 0g 
of which sugars 0g 
Protein 0g
Salt 0g  



Allergen Information


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